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My practice concerns the act of noticing the overlooked in daily life. In finding the found, I look to the reflexive potential within finding images accidentally while discerning interpersonal influence over this act. Having lived for many years in East-Asia, an ephemeral sense of 'home' orients this project as it evolves and imperfectly repeats.



2019-04.2023 PhD in Design-social (Found Photo Ontology) / The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2015 Professional Teaching Licences ([1] Fine Art, [2] Humanities) / Florida Department of Education, U.S.A.

2013 Master of Arts in Adult Learning & Global Change (Visualizing Immigrant 'Homes') / Linkoping Uni., Sweden

2012 Master of Arts in Visual Culture (Nature-technological affect in Post-tsunami Japan ) / Lund University, Sweden

2004 Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (Peace & Justice studies, Fine arts, Education) / Goshen College, U.S.A.

2004 Intercultural Understanding Certificate (reconciliation studies, Mayan anthro.) / Semilla Seminary, Guatemala

1999 Chinese Studies Certificate (Chinese cultural history, Mandarin) / Sichuan Normal University, China

Solo Exhibitions

>2023 Poetics of Preservation / Hart Haus, Hong Kong S.A.R./New York City, USA, April

2023 Finding the Found - Photo / JCCAC L0 Gallery, Hong Kong S.A.R., February

2022 Finding the Found - Experience / Hong Kong Visual Arts Center Pao Gallery, Hong Kong S.A.R., September

2019 Absent Eye / Gyeongji Creation Center, Gyeonggi, S.Korea, December-January [Peer Reviewed]

2018 Misery Index / Yeonsuk Mountain Museum of Art, Jeonju, S.Korea, August [Peer Reviewed]

2018 Photos for Toilets / Sonahmu (Pine tree) Alternative Art Space, Gyeonggi, S.Korea, June [Invited]

2017 Frame / Cheongju Museum Residency Gallery, Cheongju, S.Korea, March [Peer Reviewed]

2017 Relics / Yeongeun Museum¬ of Contemporary Art, Seoul, S.Korea, June [Peer Reviewed]

2015 Divination / SALT Gallery, Gwangju, S.Korea, November [Invited]

2014 Dreamscapes / Gallery Narbild, Lund, Sweden, June [Invited]

2013 Ways to Now / E127 Gallery, Iksan, S.Korea, June [Peer Reviewed]

Group Exhibitions

2022 In – Between (as Phoboko) / Gallery In-between, Hong Kong S.A.R., July-August

2022 Between the Lines: Reflexive Photobooks (as The Buoy) / Hart Haus, Hong Kong S.A.R., March

2021 BODW: Business of Design Week "Lens Blank" (as The Buoy) / HKSAR, December

2021 Tracing Spaces (as The Buoy) / Hart Haus, Hong Kong S.A.R., May

2021 Home was where / Hart Haus, Hong Kong S.A.R., May

2020 Be-sides (as The Buoy) / Hart Haus, November []

2020 Design Degree Show / The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong S.A.R., September

2020 Lille 2020 World Design Capital "Noticing as Community Currency" (as The Buoy) / France, August

2019 Shadows of Time / Hong Kong Visual Arts Center, Hong Kong S.A.R., October

2019 Science Walden (Science + Art) / Science Walden Gallery @ UNIST, Ulsan, S.Korea, July

2019 International Art Project Ulsan (ICAPU) / Ulsan, S.Korea, March

2018 The Green Body / Sonahmu (Pine Tree) Alternative Art Space, Gyeongi, S.Korea, October

2018 Inter-Residential Exhibition / Yeonsuk Mountain Museum of Art, Jeonju, S.Korea, September

2018 Opening Exhibition / Yeonsuk Mountain Museum of Art, Jeonju, S.Korea, March

2017 Gujing Beinalle / Guangzhou, China, December

2017 Green Guerillas / Soonahmu (Pine Tree) Alternative Art Space, Gyeongi, S.Korea, May

2017 Waking Future / Cheongju Museum Residency Gallery, Cheongju, S.Korea, April

2016 Water, Gongju Bienalle / Gongju, S.Korea, August

2016 10 Year Anniversary Show, Choengju Museum Residency Gallery / Cheongju, S.Korea, July

2015 [Group] Boxes, Gongju Bienalle Hall / Gongju, S.Korea, August


2022 Hong Kong Arts Development Council / "Finding the Found" (Trans-disciplinary Artist Grant)

2022 United States Consulate Hong Kong [as The Buoy] / "Poetics of Preservation" (Art/Design Grant)

2019 Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design (Associate Research Grant)

2019 Hong Kong Polytechnic University & Research Grants Council (Doctoral Research Grant)

Written Publications

Miller, M. & Lee, J.Y. [2022] Tracing the Cell, Proceedings of Academic Mindtrek 2022, A.C.M. [Short Paper]

Miller, M. & Lion, G. [2022] Knowing through the Photo's (Un)Making, Proceedings of IASDR 2021, Springer. [Paper]

Liu, H. & Miller, M. [2022] Shifting Ways of Knowing in the Digital Age, Proceedings of IASDR 2021, Springer. [Paper]

Miller, M. [2021] Finding the Relational Image, Proceedings of Art Machines 2, Hong Kong CityU [Extended Abstract]

Miller, M. [2021] Finding the Found, Proceedings of Phd Colloquium in Design, Tongji University [Poster]

Miller, M. [2016] Land, Filled, In Korea Photo Review Magazine, (1)1. [Visual Essay]

Miller, M. [2016] Our House, Proceedings of KOSEA' 1: Korean Society for Education through Art, Hanyang. [Poster]

Miller, M. [2015] Teaching photography through a constructivist lens, Hanseo University. [Internal Paper]

Miller, M. [2015] Uncoupled Culture, In P.I.K.: Photographers in Korea Magazine, (1)2. [Visual Essay]

Miller, M. [2015] Lost And, In Gwangju News Magazine, (15)2, Gwangju International Center [Visual Essay]

Miller, M. [2013] Alarms, Bells, Buzz, and Birds: Soundscapes, awareness, and healing in Japan [masters thesis] Lund University Press Database

Miller, M. [2012] Our House: Visualizing' Home' Amongst Adult Learners in Sweden [masters thesis] Linkoping University Press Database

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